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Pink & Purple Upholstery Leather Fabric & Hides

Pink or purple leather, also known as pink or purple leather fabric or skins, is sold by the hide (not on rolls or sheets). As a natural material hides come in many sizes depending on the breed of cow but the average is 50 square feet (sq ft). These premium pink & purple upholstery leather hides are CLOSEOUTS and perfect for furniture, car & truck (see Automotive page*), handbags & leathercraft. Remember to visit our Leather Buying Guide and How Much Leather To Buy page to determine how much pink or purple leather material your project requires.

Note, when a CLOSEOUT leather is gone, it’s gone for good (see Our Collection page for stock purple leathers). Also, pink or purple leather hides for sale by the same name (i.e. K77 Grape, K77-a Grape, K77-b Grapeare identical except for hide size (square feet) & price.