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Perforated Leather

Need perforated leather for your car or truck - we can help. We work with a leading provider of aftermarket auto perforation to give you the best service & price. We even ship your order direct to save time & money. 

Steps For Ordering:

1. Select the leather for your car or truck. See our Automotive Leather page for details.  Remember to order samples first!

2. Determine how much leather you need (regular & perforated).  We can assist with general estimates based on make/model/year.

3. Call to place your order.  Leather for perforating (half or whole hides only) will be shipped direct for perforation while the rest of the leather ships to you.  

Note: Performation is only done on half hides so whole hides will be split into to halves before perforating.

Perf Leather Patterns

Below are the perf patterns available.  When placing your order with us you will need to specify which perf pattern you would like. 

Chrysler & GM Standard Perforation      Ford Standard / GM Small Perforation     Euro Perforation     

Chrysler & GM Standard Perf                Ford Standard / GM Small Perf                Euro Perf


 Tri Star Perforation      Mini Perforation     Micro Perforation

Tri Star Perf                                                Ford Mini Perf                                               Micro Perf

Perforation Price

  • $3.00 / sq ft  =  For all patterns 

Perforation Schedule

Monday        Micro,Tri-Star  
Tuesday  Euro 
Wednesday  Ford Standard/GM Small, Ford Mini
Thursday  Chrysler/GM Standard 
 Friday  Micro