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How much to buy - upholstery leather fabric by the yard

Real upholstery leather (sometimes called leather fabric) is not sold by the yard in sheets or rolls like man-made fabrics but comes directly from the cowhide which is measured in square feet (sq ft).  The average cowhide is 50 square feet but cows vary in size.  Often, upholsterers will give project estimates in fabric yards (36" long x 54" wide) instead of square feet which is how leather is always sold.  Don't worry, making the conversion from "by the yard" is easy!  Use this calculator to determine how much leather to buy.

Type your estimate in yards in the box to convert to square feet. 

Fabric yard

Square feet of leather

Note! The conversion is 1 fabric yard  = 18 sq ft of leather.  This includes a 30% waste factor due to variation in hide shape & presence of natural markings. Projects with smaller patterns will have higher yields.
Example 1: Project estimate calls for 6 yards.  Multiple 6 X18 to determine how much leather you need.
                    [ 6 x 18 = 108 sq ft of leather required ]


 Leather furniture sizing chart  

We recommend getting an estimate but this general sizing chart should help.  Remember every project & hide is different!  Feel free to call for further assistance.