Full and Top Grain Leather Hides

Full Grain Leathers

The full grain leathers below are part of Our Collection that we stock and have available on demand.  This diverse group of leathers reflect many styles and finishes but all are premium upholstery leathers. Full grain hides are the most expensive class of leather and are typically finished using aniline dyes, special oils and waxes. These finishes are designed to enhance the natural characteristics and stunning beauty of each hide. Full grain hides are also often used in heavyweight upholstery leathers such as our Urbans and Naturals lines. We also sell full grain leathers in our Closeouts - just click on any leather listing and refer to the "Quality" section. To learn more, please see our page: What is full and top grain leather?

Top Grain Leather

Top grain leather is the most common leather type used in premium furniture, auto, and other applications. The leather is very similar to full grain but has been slightly corrected to remove imperfections from the skin or hide surface. Top grain leathers are most often finished with pigments or a blend of pigments and aniline dye (called semi aniline leathers). The use of pigments allows for a rich and consistent coloration across the hide. These finishes are considered ideal for high use applications due to the presence of a polyeurathane "top coat" that helps protect the leather from fading and normal "wear and tear.". The range of colors, mutlitones and effects that can be produced are nearly limitless.