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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What type of leather do you sell?
    ANSWER: We only sell upholstery leather for use in all types of furniture, handbags, cars and other types of leathercraft. See What Type of Leather Do I Need for further assistance.
  • Why buy from Leather Hide Store?
    ANSWER: Well sell premium upholstery leather at wholesale prices direct to the public. Our leather is 100% top grain cowhide and since 2004 we have been eBay's largest seller of leather hides – proudly maintaining 100% positive customer feedback. We will also offer samples of the leather before you buy!
  • Are your hides 100% genuine cowhide leather?
    ANSWER: With our prices it’s hard to believe but YES, they are 100% top grain cowhide leather.
  • How is upholstery leather sold?
    ANSWER: Upholstery leather is sold by the hide and prices range depending on hide quality and size. Hides are measured in square feet (sq ft). We also sell half hides and smaller pieces called leather remnants.
  • How do I request samples?
    ANSWER: To order a sample click the "Order a Sample" button beside a product and it will be added to your cart.  Samples are 79 cents each & sample orders are filled within 1-2 business days. Your samples should arrive within 5-7 days. For more information on samples see Store Policies.
  • How can I find an existing match for my leather?
    ANSWER: Send a small 1-2 inch piece to us along with an estimate of the leather needed (or description of project) to Leather Hide Store, 105 W Corbin St., Ste. 202, Hillsborough, NC 27278. We will send back your piece along with samples that best match.
  • I work with leather - how do I get samples of all your products?
    ANSWER: We will send a sampler of Our Collection - the leathers that are regular stock items to individuals with a legitimate leathercraft business. However, due to the quantity involved, we do not send samples of our premium closeout leathers unless specifically requested by product name. See For the Trades to request a sampler.
  • How do I determine how much leather I need for my project?
    ANSWER: See our How Much Leather Do I Need page for guidance on determining your leather needs. However, we strongly recommend consulting an upholsterer before buying as we can only estimate for you – every project is different!
  • How much usable leather can I get from a hide?
    ANSWER: That all depends but typically your yield or amount of usable leather will be 75% of the total. So, if your hide is 50 sq ft. you can expect to yield 37.5 sq ft (50 x .75) of usable leather. The yield can be higher or lower depending on the pattern cut from the hide. See Leather Sizes and Shapes.
  • Why do you have limited quantities of some hides?
    ANSWER: Leather Hide Store is able to offer such exceptional prices because many of our hides are premium closeouts from our tannery partners. This means that in most cases when they are gone they are gone for good. Our Collection of leather hides are regular inventory items and available on demand.
  • I am new to leather working - can you advise me on my project?
    ANSWER: We get this request often and have set up a DIY Blog page to assist our customers. This page list dozens of the best sites we have found providing specific “how to” advice on a wide range of leather projects. We are experts on leather…these folks are experts on how to use it.
  • Are natural markings a good or bad thing?
    ANSWER: Typically a very good thing. Our hides are top grain (versus inferior secondary cuts from the hide) so some natural markings including healed scratches and insect bites, hump holes (narrow slits along top edge of spine common to some breeds) and brands may or may not be present. Typically, these markings are very subtle and are considered by most as the "signature" of fine, authentic leather. Markings will be common on full grain leather and much less so on corrected grain leather.
  • Does your leather have holes?
    ANSWER: In some cases a small hole(s) can result from the tanning process - typically located near the edge or along the spine of the hide. These areas are typically not used when cutting leather for upholstery and thus have no impact on yield. However, occasionally a hole(s) may be located in the interior of the hide. For more information see How much leather can I get from a hide?.
  • How do I clean and care for my leather?
    ANSWER: Please see our Leather Care section
  • Can I use your leather in my car?
    ANSWER: Yes. We recommend only pigmented leather for automotive use as it typically has both a durable finish and strong UV resistance. Our Essentials line meets these requirements. However, for custom cars that will not be exposed to daily sun or heavy wear, any upholstery leather sold here is acceptable. Note, even pigmented leather should be regularly conditioned at least twice a year with a quality leather care product.
  • Can I use your leather on my motorcycle?
    ANSWER: No. Only specially tanned and waterproofed pigmented leather or vegetable tanned leather is appropriate for motorcycle use.
  • Where does your cowhide leather come from?
    ANSWER: Our leather upholstery hides come from tanneries across the globe with most of our cowhides coming from the United States, Europe and South America.
  • Can I visit your store?
    ANSWER: Our office & showroom are located at 105 West Corbin St. Suite 202 in Hillsborough, NC. Our Collection leather hides as well as samples of our Closeout  leathers can be viewed here. NOTE: Hides ship from our warehouse in Hickory, NC - we do not supply hides out of the Hillsborough office). Call or email if you wish to visit.
  • Where do you ship to?
    ANSWER: We ship exclusively to the United States and Canada.
  • What is the shipping cost?
    ANSWER: Please see our Shipping Tables. Please note that leather is very heavy and we pride ourselves on keeping shipping cost as low as possible. We use United Parcel Service (UPS) in the continental US and United States Postal Service (USPS) for shipping to Canada, Hawaii and Alaska. See our Store Policies for more information on shipping.
  • What is your return policy?
    ANSWER: We work tirelessly to ensure that your leather is correct so only genuinely faulty goods will be replaced or money refunded. Please note that colors are represented differently on all computer monitors so we encourage requesting samples before purchasing. See Store Policies for more information.
  • How can I get wrinkles or creases out of my leather?
    ANSWER: This can only be done before the leather has been sewn. Once you have cut your pattern from the hide lightly mist with water and iron on regular heat the flesh or “suede side” of the leather. Do not let the iron rest on the leather but you will have to go slow and put as much pressure on the leather as possible. This will not fix every crease but it will help.
  • Do you use exotic animals?
    ANSWER: No, all of our croc, snake, lizard, and other patterned hides are embossed cowhides.


These Leather FAQs were created by , If you want to learn more, please check out our Guide for Buying Leather.