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How much leather do I buy & yards to square feet

Upholstery leather is not sold by the yard but by the square foot (sq ft).  However, estimates for upholstery projects are often given in linear yards (36" long x 54" wide).  Making the conversion from "by the yard" to by the foot is easy!


QUICK RULE    [ 1 yard = 18 sq ft of leather ]  

Example 1: Your project estimate calls for 6 yards.  Multiple 6 X18 to determine how much leather you need.

                    [ 6 x 18 = 108 sq ft of upholstery leather required ]

Example 2: Your sofa require 15 yards of fabric to reupholster.  

                    [15 x 18 = 270 sq ft of upholstery leather required]


Below is a general sizing guide – remember every project and hide is different!

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