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How much to buy...upholstery leather by the yard & feet

Upholstery leather is not sold by the yard like fabric but by the square foot (sq ft) because leather is a natural product that comes in hides, not rolls.  However, estimates for upholstery projects are often given in linear yards (36" long x 54" wide) which is standard for fabric.  Making the conversion from "by the yard" to square feet is easy!


QUICK RULE    [ 1 yard = 18 sq ft of leather ]  

Example 1: Your project estimate calls for 6 yards.  Multiple 6 X18 to determine how much leather you need.

                    [ 6 x 18 = 108 sq ft of upholstery leather required ]

Example 2: Your sofa require 15 yards of fabric to reupholster.  

                    [15 x 18 = 270 sq ft of upholstery leather required]


Below is a general sizing guide – remember every project and hide is different!

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